I am a filmmaker currently living in Chicago, and, when I can’t help it,
Los Angeles.

Basic skills include an understanding of basic cinematography, lighting, grip work, sound, and post production (editing and spfx). I know the “grip work” portion stands out, or leaves a large ‘?’ in your mind because I am a girl, but yes, believe it or not I have arms that are perfectly capable of lifting and carrying large objects.

I have a secret dream of getting work as a screenwriter, I’ve spent the bulk of my film career as a documentary director in which I’ve fallen in love with over and over again, but I got my start as a video colorist and editor while simultaneously producing short films during my time in University.

University of Southern California 2015
Communication & Cinematic Arts

Going to school in the neighbourhood and climate of the University of Southern California challenged me to think deeply about the construction of identity and race; within those the issues arise a multi-dimensional response to interact with the world. Working within that rhetoric allows me to pursue both fiction and non-fiction narratives.

I operate best when I’m asking myself questions. The current question plaguing my mind is: instead of seeking the ways the world can be structured to serve my desires, what if I instead responded to the question of how can I serve the world?